Welcome to Kaustinen –

The happiest days of the summer at the largest folk music festival in the Nordic Countries 13.-19.7.2020

Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, est. 1968, has had a firm position more than five decades as one of the most important folk music events in Europe. It has a crucial role in preserving and promoting folk tradition. Known for its unique atmosphere where both amateurs and professional artists mix freely, the festival is a rare blend of hundreds of inspired concerts, both domestic and international, workshops, improvised jam sessions and dance performances each summer.

Annually more than 600 Finnish bands, dance groups, choirs and artists participate the Festival – in practice the Festival is providing the best possible way to see and hear everything one might desire about Finnish folk music and dance at one festival. The yearly bill of foreign artists include performers from 20-30 different countries and cultures, also varying from traditional ensembles to world music bands.

The festival is built on strong and continuous tradition of folk musicianship, typical for the Kaustinen region. The Kaustinen fiddle playing tradition is now ever runnig for the Unesco´s  list for intangible heritage! Over the past four centuries, folk music has been passed on from neighbor to neighbor and from the old to the young, creating a singular body of traditional music and style of playing. Today, this culture of local folk music is evident in the amount of youth at the festival, both on stage and in the audience.

We update info in English as much as we can but unfortunately there is a lot of information available only in Finnish. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions! We speak English!

See you in Kaustinen 13.-20.7.2020 – the theme of the year at the festival is ”play” (leikki). So, let´s play!